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Someone got domain names to troll rejects of various local universities
A prankster just went on a spree of obtaining domain names to inflict some savage burns on the students ... rejects were surprisingly redirected to the SUSS site, presumably because there’d be nowhere ...

Only Two-Thirds of Federal Domains Meet Email Security Deadline
Many of the web domains in the tally do not have email domains associated with them. Without DMARC protection, though, fraudsters could still create a phony email address using the domain name.

Sydney FC reject accusations of hijacking Western Sydney Wanderers themed domain name
"Anyone can register a domain name and re-direct it to another website it. This wasn't us so your accusation is incorrect and defamatory," Sydney FC commented. Hard-hitting, investigative "journalism" ...

Yahoo Upset About X-Rated Flickr Sites
Yahoo has turned to the ... X-rated sites that use Flickr in their domain names. The company filed the complaint with WIPO over the domain names and, each of which lead ...

Yahoo Small Business Redefines Domains for Online Presence
A domain name gives businesses a unique identity, but without a professional email address and a website the identity is incomplete,” said Dilip Deshpande, product manager for Yahoo’s new domain offer ...

Yahoo! Small Business
If you're looking to register one or several domain names and create a full-featured site, Yahoo! is the way to go. With its consistent focus on ease of use, contextual help, intuitive tools, and comp...

3 Steps to Securing a Domain Name for Your Company
See Who Owns It If your desired domain name is not available, that does not mean that it is unobtainable. Visit the address and see what kind of website owns it. If it appears to be a legitimate busin...

Feds Seize Kickass Torrents Piracy Site Domain Names, Announce Arrest of Alleged Ringleader
The U.S. Department of Justice has seized seven domain names associated with Kickass Torrents — purportedly the most-visited piracy site in the world — and charged the man they allege is its owner and ...

What New Web Domain Names Mean for You
If you ever wanted to use your name or a funny joke as the address for a website, only to find it was taken, you will soon have more options than just ".com," ".net" or ".org," thanks to a wave of new ...

There’s Already a Website Asking If Jon Gruden Has Been Fired Yet
That’s why there is already a website called “IsGrudenGoneYet ... In the meantime, if you’d like to purchase the similar domain name “” it’ll only cost you ...

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