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Hackers hide malware with code signing and SSL certificates
Recorded Future's Insikt Group has been investigating the criminal underground and has identified a number of vendors currently offering both code signing certificates and domain name registration with accompanying SSL certificates. Particularly ...

With Google Domains, Let’s Raise Prices And Make SSL Certificates Free
The actual registration of domain names is a ridiculously low-margin, high-volume business. The real money is made off of the secondary services that come from that initial lead generation, such as web hosting, email servers, and SSL certificates.

Five Best Domain Name Registrars
Well, that and the fact that every domain registration gets 2 free hosted pages for your site, a free Gandiblog, a 1-year SSL cert for free, email services, and more. You can see all of Gandi’s features and pricing here. isn’t the cheapest ...

Let’s Encrypt takes free “wildcard” certificates live
In addition to the ACME v2 requirement, requests for wildcard certificates require the modification of a Domain Name Service "TXT" record to verify ... Many hosting providers already support the registration of Let's Encrypt certificates to varying degrees.

The Disruptors: Emercoin and PortaOne Introduce Blockchain-Based, Peer-to-Peer VoIP Call Exchange Among Telcos
that makes it easy to look up the location of call’s final recipient using the same principle as DNS (protocol that converts a domain name, such as “”, into an actual IP address of the web server). None of these attempts were successful.

GoDaddy revokes 9,000 SSL certificates wrongly validated by code bug
“In a typical process, when a certificate authority, like GoDaddy, validates a domain name for an SSL certificate, they provide a random code to the customer and ask them to place it in a specific location on their website,” it said. “When their ...

The Best Reseller Hosting 2018: Cutting Down Those Margins
Outside of resources, resellers get a few extra goodies. You’ll get a free account with eNom so you can offer domain name and SSL registration to your customers, and the WHMCS billing software. It will automatically send invoices, collect payments (with ...

What is the Best SSL Certificate for Small Businesses?
An SSL ... the largest domain registration company, but offer SSL certificates for as cheap as £60.00 per annum. Their Deluxe package is a little more expensive at around £80.00 per annum, but both packages can be appealing to a small business as ...

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